Wireless Modem

We feel that having a wireless modem solution for your  ATM’s will provide your customers solutions for mobile and remote locations.  We provide wireless connectivity solutions for every ATM manufacturer in the United States. As more the internet become more widely available in the USA more ATM placements can be realized. Wireless technology can eliminate connectivity issues and downtime.


Wireless ATM
Wireless, IP-based payment transactions

Wireless, IP-based payment transactions

Is the best way to maximize your machine’s value to your company by removing the weakest link, an unreliable phone lines.You can guarantee you customers secure, onsite connections in the most remote areas helping you grow your market in a reliable and profit way.

As our client we will walk you through installation of the wireless ATM  equipment to any machine you have in the field.

The Benefits Of An ATM Wireless System:

  • Eliminate Costly and Unreliable Phone Lines
  • Supports 2G and 3G Networks
  • World Class Remote Monitoring
  • Dial and Ethernet Interfaces
  • Enhanced Security
  • Field Upgradable Cellular Modules
  • DHCP Server
ATM Wireless System Benefits